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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Term one arts reflection

Term one reflection 
Term one for me was ok. I focused on beat and pumanawatanga.   I liked it when we did our performance. When we started I was embarrassed then as we came more Into it, I was fine. 
When I went on camp I learnt how to be with 2 different people. It was very hard  for me  and I was scared. But the last night I was ok because I know them now a little bit. It was so fun at camp especially when we went swimming.
A highlight for me was to make new friends last term. 
When  we did discovery time I kept trying different things every week it was fun and it's fun now.
Overall I really liked term one.              


  1. OMG that was amazing I loved it so so so so so much!!!

  2. Love the bit about you Bing two people

  3. Savannah good writing love the bit when you Bing the two people