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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Crazy camp spotlight

“Are you scared of the dark? Because I am.” You would think people might say that it is funny, but no, everyone is scared of something. 

We played spotlight the last night that we were at camp. Before we started  I was frozen in fear. When Kiri and Fiona told us that we were playing spotlight and also told us that we had to head to the scary field, I went out to the  scary field with my friends. I was fine. 1 2 3 hooooooooooooonk we all went so many at a time, tip toe, tip toe, everyone goes.

So many people going crazy falling over, blood everywhere, gross think I'm going to barf .  Blahh 

“Oh no, spotted!!!”: I said. Come on, let’s go back to the beginning. I'm frozen like an ice block, in fear falling  to the frozen ground.

“Oh no!”: I said. “Time for bed. Come on everyone.”: Kiri said.
I learnt something about  myself. If you are afraid of something never give up. Ever since that night my family has been playing spotlight, if it's warm. I'm not that afraid of the dark. Never give up on anything even if you want to give up. 

In my piece of writing I used a hyperbole by saying “people going crazy” “blood everywhere”. I also used a simile  by saying  “I'm frozen like an ice block in fear falling  to the frozen ground”.

I am going to keep trying to improve putting in full stops in my writing because I always forget and also put in capitals.

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