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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Michael Jackson-History show

On the exciting Friday after school I went home and spent time with my nanny, it's her birthday. After I spent time with my nanny we both packed my bag to go to mum’s. At 5:30 my nana came and picked me up. She dropped me off at Hornby McDonald's where mum and Ben ( my step dad ) were waiting for me. After that we went home. 
At dinner  time they told me that I was going to the mj show “thank you so much - oh why are there only two tickets?” I asked.
 “ Because it's only you and me - mum has to go out. We're going now Savannah... mum's going to drop us off” Ben said.
When we were finally there, I was flushed because I was really hot and excited. “see you mum at 10:30” We both said. We went in we went to find our seats “ yes we find  our seats and now we have to wait” we both said. 
50 minutes later. “ It's starting... yes!!” I said “yeah it's so loud in my ears but I don't really care”.                                         
When it was finish I felt very good and happy.

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Awesome!