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Monday, 5 September 2016


Today I transferred seedlings from a small  plant box and over to the bigger  planter boxes. The reason we put them outside is because it  would get really big and would not be able fit in the class.

The people I worked with were Brooklyn, Jessica, Paisley, Niko, Matthew, Mason and Kiri, our teacher. She told as how to do it, I think we worked well together.

I'm really glad that I worked with different people today. I'm very glad that I did that and I'm going to try and keep it that way, well not with those people of course different people. 

I learnt how to get the plant’s out of the small planter boxes so we did not break the roots and also I had to move the plants without breaking them.

My struggle was that sometimes the roots would break off and I might start inferencing if the plants will live or not hope they stay alive.

The plants are special and we can keep them safe so we can do that by not ditching all our rubbish everywhere you go so 
stop it now!

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