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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Camp writing high ropes

Have you ever felt confident about something and then you have a creeping dread coming over your body?
I have.

A shiver of confidence came over my body as I put on my helmet and harness. After the confidence came over me the instructor was telling us how to do it, then we did an example and I helped which I was proud of myself then we got into it.

When other people did it I felt very nervous because I thought that my buddy's would drop me because I was taller then them so I could be a little bit heavier than them.

I felt nothing as I was climbing on the ladder, I just hoped that I would get to do it. “It's time to go back now” “ what I only just got up”.

I learnt about myself was that people can trust me when I'm holding them from the rope harness.

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