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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Wk7 15/07/2017

What I did:
This week I made a mini golf course with Brooklyn and myself.
We tried to make the mini golf course, it was  kind of hard but it was sort of in the middle because some people like, Vanessa (teacher), Sharnika and Brooklyn + me got a hole in one. 

What I think:
I thought that if we put the books over the path a bit it would make it harder, also I thought that how we made it would also make it hard. We wanted harder for the people who wanted to try it out.
What I wonder:
I wonder for next time what we could change for the course to make it harder. 
Also I wonder if we use different things what could happen, but we do it the same why we did this week.

Science blog wk7

What I did:
This week I was confused of what I was doing so I went down that other end with Kiri and I did the rocket balloon. I worked with Seo Hyun, Shileen and Margarette.

What I think:
I thought that if we put it 90 degrees it will go a lot slower, and I also thought if we make the balloon smaller it will go slower but it went faster because the air went faster out.

What I wondered:
When my group did it on a 180 degree angle we wondered if we made the string longer and the balloon stayed the same size if it would make it to the end.

Science blog wk6

What I did: 
This week I didn't know what to do so,  Vanessa decided for me to teach Kahukura next week how to do push and pull. Vanessa said that I can pick 1 or 2 people to do it with me. 
This is my plan 

My push and pull Plan 

What I'm doing:
Ping pong ramp
Tug of war 

What I will need:
For the ping pong ball ramps:
5x ping pong ball
Accessories from their class x how any many everything they want

For tug of war:
rope x1 
8 people max

What to do at the end:

Ask what the learnt, 
See if they had fun,
Ask how it went for them,
Ask if the could do it again how would they do it differently.

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