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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

A found piece of art is using everyday stuff to make art. For example you could use tins, cutlery and bottles + any other things you may want to use.

The found object I decided to chose is Golden Boy from Ben Foster.

The inspiration for me with the artwork is that it is a dog and I love dogs so much. It also reminded me of my little puppy who passed away.
Here's what I was trying to do

The things that went well was that at the end it was a nice shade of gray, and it was very soft even though it was made out of tins and news paper.
The things I would change for next time is choosing a easier sculpture because of the Materials  were had to get together and the papier-mâché was not sticking probably and I thought that this one was a little too hard to make.

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