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Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Have you got lost in the wilderness all by yourself or with a friend? Because me and my friend Brooklyn have before on camp, so sit back and relax and enjoy my adventure.

It all starts when it was free time, we asked Sean's dad Steve if we could go into the forest with him so we did. We heard birds chirping, and we saw plants shooting up to the sky.

As we walked down through the forest we talked, we looked and we had fun. We found the river and I said to Steve “Brooklyn and I will go across the river.” And he said yes then….

When we got across Brooklyn looked back and Steve was not there (what do we do nooowww), I started getting scared and I was shaking and Brooklyn was just standing there looking up at space. 

When Brooklyn came back to Earth she said to me “Hey Savannah it's ok. let's try finding a torch because it's going to be dark soon” “ok” I said. so we found a torch that someone probably dropped. Yep someone dropped their torch, I can't believe it.

Then I said well let's find the road and find camp that way, “what are you saying Savannah that's ridiculous” Brooklyn shouted at me, “ok fine” she said “Hey Savannah I found the road” Brooklyn screamed excitedly.

I released that we were right near the road all along. We walked down the road until we found one of the entrances, “yes we are back at camp” I yelled “ Savannah keep it down! it's ok let's go”.

We got back to camp and my mum was so upset and scared for me and Brooklyn. We had dinner which was my fave it was lasagna yum ( so that made me happy because I was still trembling ).

So then we had more free time before bed. This time we did not go into the forest because we did not want to get lost.

So that's my story of how I got lost at camp with my best friend Brooklyn.
Hope you enjoyed and remember do not get lost otherwise…….
Never mind

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