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Monday, 23 October 2017

Arts blog

Money shot

My money shot is Te Puna because Te Puna will always have new children in it. As the children grow up new ones came in.
And that's why I think that Te Puna are the heart of Waimairi School.

We did a talent show, Grace and Jessie were the host and Kiri and Kate were the judges. I really like it I did not get bored they just kept it rolling. My fave one was Ruby.P and Pippa, because they were really funny and they had practiced a lot so they got it right. The winners Were Romae, Sophie and Megan.

How can a moment in time capture the heart of Waimairi school?
I did fly on the wall my purposes was to see what the art that was going on in Pounamu. They are very artistic they have a lot of  cool paintings. They also work very well together. The room is filled with happiness and love.


A struggle for me was that one of the photos did not look like friends so I had to go back a print out another one.

In week 5 we did dancing with kiri and we had a big problem because we had now were to work so we had to work outside.
Today we got buddied up with boys I just went for it and Brooklyn she was embraced with it and did not go with it, and I could not stop laughing.
A struggle for me was that I was with a boy because I don't really know him and because everybody in my group  was looking.

In week 4 we started to do these arts thing we got put into groups and first I went to drama with Danielle and we got this card me and Brooklyn were in a group. We did ice skating and I dropped her, not on purpose.
I learnt that the other person needs to be lighter if you are close to the same age.
A struggle for me is that she didn't jump into my arms probably so I dropped her.

In week 3 we did our research of a person who makes sculptures and I did my plan with Kate. We had to look at some photos of sculptures and then look up who made it mine is a dog and the person who made it is Ben Foster. I had a struggle because the ones I wanted to do did not have a link to go to so I know the person who made it.
My plan for sculpture.
What:golden boy

What will need:

Nose:small fizzy bottle
Back legs:wood
Front legs:wood
Chest and tummy and back:balloon

Chest and tummy and back and legs:
Get a balloon and papier-mâché it the stick the wood on for the legs back and front.

Head nose ears:
Blow up the a balloon and papier-mâché it as you are doing that cut the top of a small fuzzy bottle and papier-mâché it to the balloon and also the ears to.

Color it:
Get same spray paint and paint it white and silver and about 2  coats each.

Link to cool ways to papier-mâché

In week 2 we did capture a moment in time with a photos that we did at school. Me and Brooklyn did the photos together. We had a little bit struggles because we did not get a good lighting, and I'm a photographer so I know how to have a good lighting.
Here are same of the photos


Arts trip for life

Only one day ago my class and I went to this really cool arts place we went to the arts centre because this team is all about art, art can be all different things like paint, drama, dance and other things.
The first thing that I loved so much was the room at the art centre that had all the cool things and that had the samples to tells what it meant in the book that the lady gave me.
The second fave thing for me was the playground because I had never been also I love the big swirly side the funniest and the one that decided to hurt me and we played hide and go seek.
After all of that we went all around the city and found one of those secret box thing and we saw this crazy guy who was in the city centre and was talking like there was an audience was there and at every sentence at the end he would go like whooa.
My group found the dance mat and the magic singing washing machine was out of order so we couldn't dance on the dance mat.
Then Kiri came over and the rest of the groups came to the dance mat and Kiri talked for a bit then we went to the bus and came back to school and sang a song and went home. yeah.

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